The meaning of biomechanical tattoos

Biomechanics is one of the most interesting directions in the tattoo,which appeared in the early eighties of the XX century. Biomechanical tattoos are becoming more popular every year, thanks to such design features of this direction as connection in itself live with electronic, mechanical, and sometimes with the alien. It was shown initially in tattoo which depicted mechanical parts on the human body, as if released from the cover skin. Today the most popular realization of biomechanical design is the torn flesh with visible impellent parts of any mechanism or a metal construction.

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The motto of biomechanical tattoo is look at what I have inside! Consequently,for the image of details of drawing is used a special art technique, a combination of hyper- realism with three-dimensionality. Biomechanical tattoos show the hidden potential of the person, and sometimes his real face. The main storylines of tattoos are stylization of the body parts like details of various mechanisms or machines (drawings of the metal details breaking through skin), or images of fantastic characters (alien beings, mechanical plots from various films like "Alien", "Terminator").

First of all, biomechanical tattoos gained the popularity thanks to the art of the famous artist Hans Rudolf Giger. It was he, the author of numerous images of the fantastic creatures that have appeared in films about aliens, and he became an idol and the inspirer for musicians, cyberpunks and a certain circle of the tattooers, who have decided to specialize on a tattoo by his works. Swiss artist brings his own style and plot into biomechanics.

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The first biomechanical tattoos were dark – simply black or in shades of gray. Generally a certain mix of metal devices with a flesh was represented. But soon the approach to the creation of biomechanics has cardinally changed. Now we perceive more brightly everything that surrounds us and our imaginations about the future are very diverse. Accordingly, nowadays color tattoos with various details and elements are very popular. Biomechanical tattoos are beautiful with organic lines and a rhythm.

Today the biomechanics is in great demand, this style is chosen by clients all over the world. The tattoos, filling all hand or a shoulder to an elbow, look perfect, but also a tattoo on a back, hips, calves also will look very interesting. Many people like tattoos of small sizes on shoulders or on a breast.

If you have decided to make your first tattoo – you can start with showing to all from what you "are made", what is hidden inside you. Perhaps you have inside any fantastic creature and it wants to get out, or you consist plastic pipes and microchips, wheels and chips. The difference between biomechanics and other styles is that the contents of a tattoo is limited by only your own imagination.

Organic tattoos

Organic and steampunk styles are similar to the biomechanical style.

Organic style is closer to the biomechanics, it is not trivial butterflies or flowers.

The basis of this style is in the harmonious elements close to natural, rhythm in elements of drawing, the smoothness of lines used in biomechanics – these components unite two styles at first glance. However, the organic has more positive composition in its emotional coloring. It has not obvious mechanical elements, wires, metals – it merges with skin and the abstract composition, but not the stylized images is created.

Concerning color the organic differs from biomechanics with its black color very strongly. The organic combines bright, sometimes even acid colors, allowing to experiment with colors in a tattoo.

Steampunk tattoos

Steampunk is based on images which contain the fantastic plots connected with steam mechanisms. The term "steampunk" was coined by writer K.Dzheter in 1987. Initially steampunk was a certain parody on "cyberpunk". Many drawings are characterized by too frank and sometimes even rude for this style using of the steam engines element, valves, pumps, gears. Being improved from a cinema genre and drawing – the steampunk turned into a tattoo, partly taking the place of biomechanics in using of the effect of the broken skin,through which mechanisms on the basis of steam engines are manifested.